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Written February 15, 2009

Directv Versus Dish Network

I first became a customer of Directv over 13 years ago. I lived in a condo in North Miami, Florida. Our condo was situated on a canal. That meant the we were at the end of a run. At that time I had a cable service that would go out on me all the time. If it was working, there was snow on many of my channels. I decided to go with Directv satellite services and was extremely glad that I did. Yes, when it rained real hard to the west of my condo, the satellite would go out. But, compared to my cable service, this was a minor inconvenience. When I first got the service, Directv would send me coupons every month (4) to watch free movies. That went on for over a year. It was great.

My service was absolutely great for a long time. Actually, the service was always great. Back at the beginning, I also got the major networks with feeds from the east coast, and feeds from the west coast 3 hours later. If I liked to watch two different shows that came on at the same time, I could watch one show from the east coast, and watch the other show from the west coast later. Life was very good. As the years progressed, the cost of the service went up as well, but that was to be expected. One thing that happened that I didn't like, was that the (greedy) people in Washington determined that they should get some money from both the satellite companies and the cable providers. They decided that they would not charge 6% or 7% like your states and municipalities, Nooo. They were going to classify satellite and cable receptions like those great telephone company charges. You know, the ones that charge you a dollar for man hole covers, money for excise tax, and all of those other miscellaneous fees and taxes. We all know where that money goes. Ok. So it's time to get back to the story. Over the 12 plus years that I had Directv, my bill went from $45.00 for all of the channels that were available, to $123.00. It kind of reminds me of the housing boom. If you bought a house 12 years ago for $100,000.00, you would have been able to sell it for $ 273,333.00. That's a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, if you sold it today, it's worth about the same value as it was when you bought it. Just a monitary perspective.

Back to the point of the article. In March of last year, both of the main satellite service providers, you know who, had offers for new subscribers to get their service installed, with a free DVR (record live TV). Well, I thought that that DVR thing was pretty cool, so I called Directv and asked if I could get the DVR for free, since I was a customer for quite a long time. By the way, I always paid my bill before it was due during those 12 years of service. You know what the answer was. No, that offer was only for new customers. Another item that I personally think is wrong with the current state of our great country. If I was a new customer, I could get free installation, a free DVR, and 6 months of premium service free. The big kicker is that Directv didn't even know if the new customer would pay their bill on time, let alone pay it at all. I know what you're thinking. Dish Network has the same type of deal. You're right. So, what I did was cancel my service with Directv, and got all of the free stuff that was offered by Dish Network. Now, I don't have the full package like I did with Directv, but my bill is $78.38 monthly, and I do have enough channels that I can watch numerous movies, in their entirety, without commercial interruption. Another item that has bothered most of us is the amount of commercials that you have to watch today, even though you are paying money every month to each and every channel provider just to watch them.

Here is the best part. Even before my service was switched over, I got about 15 calls from Directv. You know what they were about. The representative told me that they didn't want to see me go, and they would give me the free DVR, special discounts on my service, yada-yada-yada. They tried to tell me that the people who told me that I couldn't get the DVR for free, did not have the authority to do so. That's right, I spoke to two different people regarding this matter, at two different times. Now here is a company spokesman dumping on their employees to try and keep my service. The simple and honest truth here, is that in todays society, being a loyal and good customer does not count any more. Just one item that I needed to get off of my chest. I'm quite sure that there are many of you fine folks out there that have the same type of situation occur. These are the things that bother alot of good people. It has to do with business practices that occur today. People want the sell, but once the sell is done, they really don't care about you. That's why so many companies have sent their customer service over seas. They don't care about the things that many of us think are important. As with all of my articles, just my opinion. I do think that Directv is now sorry to see me go. So be-it.

So, in conclusion, as far as I'm concerned, Dish Network is for me. You can go to several web sites, like I did, and view a comparison of the channels that you get from either service. I went to . I am not affiliated with either company or the website that I just informed you about. I just needed to write the article, explaining an experience that I had.

As always, I thank you for visiting my web site. Remember my saying:

I woke up this morning, so it's a great day.

Take care.

Robert J Taggart, Sr.