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Written February 19, 2009

Updated March 24, 2009

My Thoughts On Gasoline Prices

The cost of crude oil has dropped significantly. At the end of last year, I was able to purchase gas for the amazing price of $1.24.9 per gallon. By the way, doesn't everyone think that it's time that they drop the .9 on the price of gas. We all know that they do it as a psychological process. The point is that if we are paying even the lowest amount, saying 176.9 or 177 makes no difference to all of us out here in the gas guzzling world. As of today, gas in my neighborhood was $1.78.9 per gallon. Obviously, there is more going on, than the price of the crude itself. The folks in the know will tell you that it's the cost of refining and delivering. Another song and a dance. The cost of refining may have gone up slightly, due to normal indexed costs. The biggest reason is also the reason that we should be drilling here. I know that I upset alot of you with that statement, but hear me out. The biggest reason for the continued increase in prices at the pump, is the delivery cost. It is the cost of shipping crude oil, or refined gasoline, over seas. Shipping costs of any material is skyrocketing. This cost is something that no one in this country can dictate. It is this area that I am concentrating this editorial on. The last reason for a cost increase is taxation. Don't even get me started on that one.

The cost of shipping is continuing to increase. This is a trend that will not be reversed anytime soon. We can look forward to prices being increased steadily over time. This process is not likely to slow down, or be reversed, no matter how much we good Americans conserve. You can expect all of the other goods that we consume to continue to go up in price as well. Another item that we need to consider is talked about all of the time, and I believe it is misguided. 'We shouldn't produce oil here because of the plite on the environment. If anyone is concerned with the environment, you should consider this. You cannot believe that third world countries are nerely as concerned with the environment, as we in the United States are when extracting, refining, or shipping any fuel product. The mere distances that it takes to deliver product to us, causes more harm to the environment overall, than producing the product in the country where it is consumed. This is just plain common sense. More oil is spilled in transporting it over seas, than all of the oil spills that have been news worthy combined. But, American environmentalist don't really care about the world, they care about all of us evil Americans that just want to get to and from work, and go on vacation every once and a while.

Now we come to the point that I don't want them drilling for oil where I can see it, or someone can write how terrible oil people have no consideration for the pristine condition of our great country. Another item that has more to do about what about me, than it does with progress. It's a simple fact that as the number of people increase, so does the requirement to produce more energy (fuel). It not only gets them to and from work, it also heats their homes, provides them with plastic containers to store their food, not to mention all of those protective wrappings that we see in the store, along with the plastic trays that our food is set on. I know, the environmentalists hate those things to. Most of them have also bought many items that were wrapped in plastic. A whole lot of them use cars to get around, just like you and I do. And, some of them go out on boats to complain, yell and scream at the people who are working on oil rigs. The point is, that we consume, but we don't want to produce the items that we consume. It seems to me that that is hypocritical. It's time that normal Americans decide that we can produce our own oil products, employ Americans to produce it, and once again become self sufficient. I am quite sure that many Americans, like the ones in Alaska, would like to benefit from oil production and distribution in our own country.

Most of our refined gasoline comes from Canada. Isn't it a stretch to say that I don't want it produced in the United States, but it's ok if Canada refines it, and ships it to us. To me, it doesn't make sense to send crude oil to Canada to have them refine it, and ship it back to the United States. I believe that there are more of you out there of this opinion, than those that want to trash oil. I could be wrong, but I think many of them are either misguided by the pounding of the politically (environmentally) correct message put forth by the media, and not thinking for themselves or the posperity of our country. Again, that's just my opinion.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on the current political environment. As of recent days, the media and congress is stating that we will have to pay for using vehicles that are not utilizing the new types of fuel. Within just the last couple of days, I have been hearing that they will be increasing the tax on gasoline as much as $1.50 per gallon. All I know is that the cost of gasoline is once again rising at an alarming rate, while the cost of crude oil remains both economical and fairly steady. What is going on now with the economy, is the largest troubling factor of the current price of a tank of gas.


Robert J. Taggart, Sr