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Written March 6, 2009

Updated March 24, 2009

2009 Omnibus Or Bust

And the hits just keep on coming. We all only wish that we could spend money that we don't have, the same way that our govenment can spend our money. Just a week ago, I was so proud of our Republican Representatives in Washington, to only be completely mortified this week regarding the conservatives party spending just like the Democrats. When Republicans get koodoos for standing up against the Stimulus Bill, then turn around and put in over 4,000 pieces of pork into a bill that spends an additional $400 billion, it's time for any respectable conservative to kick them out of office, regardless what they may say in the future. I do like what Glenn Beck did during his TV show on FOX, and listed the names of the Representatives, which included Democrats and Republicans that DID NOT request pork in the new bill. These individual's names should be repeated on every conservative, and liberal, web site, and we all should proudly pull their lever, when the time comes, (unless they evade their taxes or some other bonehead move). Oh! I forgot, if your a Democrat, or the right Republican, you can do those things to. It has gotten rediculous.

I loved President Bush (W) when he spoke to us after September 11, 2001. I agreed with his approach to protecting us. I disagreed with him regarding the border between American and Mexico. We paid for a fence that was never built. But I was totally upset when he gave $700 billion dollars to our banks and Wall Street, when he bailed out AIG, Fanny Mae, an Freddie Mac, and the list goes on. The current process that is occurring in Congress, makes all of the items that I disagreed with President Bush on, pale in comparison. What is going on is completely un-American. At least the America that I grew up in.

We already know where the money will come from to pay for this. President Obama, and our illustrious Congress are talking about raising fuel taxes, corporate taxes, energy taxes, and the list goes on. Who do you think is going to pay for this. The 95% that are not going to have their taxes raised. The poor will be hurt the most. When they talk about the gas guzzlers, they are talking about a person that is driving an old vehicle, because they can't afford to get that energy saving new vehicle. The people who take their check to the check cashing store, and go by groceries, and end up paying more for food because of increased costs to companies that no matter how much they are taxed, they're going to pass it off to the consumer. How did we go from "A penny saved, is a penny earned" to "A trillion spent (money that we don't have), is only the beginning"? Sooner or later, the hard working, unemployed, Americans, will be the ones marching to Washington, and holding up signs that say enough is enough. Unfortunately, none of us are going to be doing that, because we spend our days trying to find one of those companies that will give us a reason to feel useful again.

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Robert J. Taggart, Sr