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Written March 8, 2009

Newt Dissapoints, Greta Shines

Yesterday, I signed up with both and . I wrote my very first reply ever in a forum on called Newt Dissapoints, Greta Shines. The initial forum comment and my reply is listed below. If you would like to read all of the other comments, please go to the forum section and select Newt on Greta...Newt Dissapoints, Greta Shines forum.

Original Forum Header - Written by Bill Monroe on March 6, 2009

I watched Newt being interviewed by Greta on Fox, the main subject was earmarks and the prospect of the President vetoing the bill. Greta kept pushing that he campaigned against earmarks, Newt agreed, yet Newt kept saying it would take "courage" to veto the bill.

Greta kept pushing, rightlly so, that he campaigned on it, and though unstated, implied. it is a matter of integrity and not courage.

Newt kept talking about courage... and therein lies my disappointment with Newt. To have been in the system so long, and to believe that it takes "courage" to keep your word shows me a man either too cynical to be a leader, or someone not in touch with fundamental American values.

Newt in my America, a man keeps his word, not because I am courageous, but because my integrity demands that I do. That sir, will reinvigorate America, not redefining courage.

My Reply - Written on March 7, 2009

This is extremely new to me, so please bare with me. I am a strict conservative that believes strongly in the Constitution as it was originally written. Just to let you all know.

I saw the discussion between Newt and Greta. It is amazing to me that we still focus on words that are used. These words meanings are solely based in how we interprete them individually. As far as both Newt and Greta are concerned, to me, they represent thoughtful and considerate people that have genuine concern for where the new direction in government spending is taking all of us.

Most of us conservatives who have followed the political spectrum, think that neither the Legislative, Congressional, or Judicial branch of our Government has stuck to the principles (honor, integrity, courage, trust, conviction, honesty, and concern for the citizens), that we not only believe in, but we feel is the very reason for the pride that we have had in our Country, our Constitution, and our Government.

The fact that Newt chooses a word (courage), and Greta basically indicated keeping his word (integrity), should be of less concern to all of us, than the fact that nearly all of our Representatives from the President on down, show a contempt for all of the words that so many of us Americans hold dear. Most of us decent, hard working, Americans, were stunned to silence when a former President actually uttered the words, "It depends on what the meaning of is, is".

There in LIES the problem. The Stimulus Bill is not a stimulus bill, the bail outs that President Bush did, were not bail outs, the Omnibus Bill is a joke, and if things keep going the way they are, Newt, Limbaugh, Hannity, Obama, Pelosi, and Reed, can give their opinions until they are blue in the face, but Americans will keep losing jobs at alarming rates, healthcare will become extremely poor, a loaf of bread will be much more expensive, and our children and grandchildren will suffer from our lack of personal responsibility.

Our Government does not, and has not, cared about the Country, the Constitution, or the People of this great Nation for quite some time. It has been, and is now, about some other choice of words (power, greed, selfishness, cunning, slander, degradation, power, and greed). I said power and greed twice for a reason, and all of you know why.

Thank you for your time. Bob Taggart.

As always, thank you for visiting my web site;

Robert J. Taggart, Sr