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Written March 20, 2009

Updated March 24, 2009

Witches Of West World

It's not 1692. The smell of chard wood is not in the air. We drive horseless carriages instead of scurrying around behind or on a valiant steed, or in the case of the evil doers, riding around on a broomsticks. The cauldrons over the open pit fires have long since been replaced by the mystifying electronic device called a microwave. But there is a menacing moon that was noticed by someone, somewhere, in the vast wilderness of our illustrious hollowed halls of congress. A group of Puritans have come to our rescue to purge the unholyness from our midsts. And what, pre-tell, do I mean? It is the current day witch hunt of the evil AIG management individuals.

The specticle that we have all witnessed this past week fringes on the edge of insanity, much like the Salem witch trials of 1692. Most of us thinking individuals did not want AIG, Bears and Sterns, Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, GM, Ford, Crysler, et al, to be bailed out in the first place. Not to mention the bank bailout that President Bush and his ADVISORS said that we had to do, or Wallstreet and Main street would crumble. If anyone out there listens at all, our government just printed a TRILLION dollars during an economy where cash money is being used less than it was just last year. That requires a lot of suitcases to stuff all of that cash in. As if that wasn't enough, our illustrious congress passed a bill that penalized those evil money makers, and anyone who dares to be like them, by making sure that the money goes back to those honorable Puritans who through the kindness of their hearts, are looking out for you and me. It is important to remember that the Omnibus Bill that was just passed had $3.8 billion in special projects (which most of us still call pork). That is 23 times as much as the bonuses that AIG employees were going to get.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think that people who are responsible for the mis-management of a company should be rewarded. I grew up in the 50's and the 60's (yes 1900's, not 1800's). I was there when Walt Disney brought us the Wonderful World of Color. Yes, I saw a lot of black and white TV. But alot of you guys have seen Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder, and liked it. The point is that I always wanted to live in EPCOT. Originally, it stood for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tommorrow. I even remember seeing Mr. Disney talk about on the show. I went to college in Orlando in 1969. They were just beginning to break ground on the place. We all know now, that the vision that Mr. Disney had, did not turn out to be what took place. What does that have to do with what I'm talking about you ask? I felt betrayed then, as I, and many others of you out there should feel, betrayed now. Our very future, our kids, yes, and even our grandchildren's future, is being jepardized by the very people that we have entrusted our lives with.

Our government is interested in one thing, and one thing only. They want to control everything that goes on with us, and exempt themselves from any wrong doing. Justice is no longer blind. When a congressman can stash $100,000.00 in cash, in a freezer; when a tax cheater can become the head of the IRS, when a speaker of the house can tell unpapered immigrants (for us bad people, it's still illegal aliens) that they are the patriots, and when Congress can pass a law that allows them to charge whatever they want to American citizens, even though there were contractual obligations to the contrary, it's time to be very afraid.

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Robert J. Taggart, Sr