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Written: June 17, 2009

Article On Global Warming

I am a 57 year old male, unemployed, ex-COBOL programmer. We are being told every day, in every classroom, from television ads, from politicians, from the media, and in documentaries, that we have a global warming crisis, that man/animals are causing it, and that we can fix it if we spend enough money. I wrote this article in the hopes that some of the media organizations would maintain the pursuit of factual truth without accepting arbitrary conclusions, instead of allowing the majority of our citizens to believe as they currently do, that the above statements are true and factual. There are literally thousands of written opinions out there from both sides of the issue regarding this matter, but one side (the less truly scientific side) receives far more press and attention, than the other side (which is more scientific). I have indicated several points and ask that those individuals with an audience, at least maintain an honest level of reporting:

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Control) used by most individuals claiming climate changes.

The IPCC utilizes data modeling for most, if not all, of their findings. This information is gathered from corals, tree rings, ice cores and temperature records. The data that has been collected using these methods is suspect by countless scientists from all related fields ( see Analysis of the Global Warming Issue ) or ( see Michael Manns New Stick ). In addition to data flaws, the IPCC does not include other factors that many scientists believe should be included in regards to any study of the climate ( see TAKING GREENHOUSE WARMING SERIOUSLY ). In addition to these facts, the IPCC does not consider the fluctuation of radiation and material emissions, and indeed tempurature variations, of the sun to have any influence on the Earth's climate fluctuations, and some scientists drew conclusions that the activity of sun has no effect whatsoever on the temperature fluctuations since 1980.

The point is this. Being a computer programmer for 35+ years, we have an old saying, "Garbage in, Garbage out", or as my mother would say, "Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear". The fact of the matter is that in the last 9 years, we have more institutions attempting to collect data, than any time in history. The problem is drawing conclusions from the data collected. A vast majority of the new devices collecting data are located in urban sites. Urban areas will return a higher temperature reading than in traditional wooded areas due to heat being generated from asphalt, traffic, and buildings. It is safe to say that the techniques used to acquire the data must be considered. Oh! And by the way, all of the temperature changes that have been recorded are between a + or - .6 degree centigrade fluctuation. All of the conclusions, as well as the forcasts, are merely opinions, not even theory.

Greenhouse Gases Like CO2 Cause Climate Change

Everywhere you go, Every show you watch, Every school across America, and most commercials you see today, talk about the effects of CO2 in the atmosphere. It's time for a quick science lesson. Our atmosphere is made up of 78.08% Nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0%-4% Water Vapor, .93% Argon, and .036% Carbon Dioxide(CO2). Let me put it in another way. For every 100,000 molecules of air, there are only 36 molecules of CO2. If there weren't any molecules of CO2 in our atmosphere, the trees, bushes, plants, gardens, and even that real nice looking lawn that you have to mow weekly in the summer time, would not be there. I'm sure some people would be glad that they didn't have to mow their lawn. CO2 is necessary for these things to grow. Think about it. Just maybe, the people who are worried about it, are trying to kill all of the vegetation in the world. I know, that's a bit much, but so is the point that CO2 is a bad thing. As far as global warming goes, many scientist, and studies, prove that CO2 does not contribute to global warming ( see Manmade Carbon ) and ( ).

Again, it is time for thinking people to ask themselves why so many "scientists" say that a crisis is coming. Please consider motive. We keep being told that scientists that work for a corporation will only give a conclusion that benefits the corporation, while scientists that work at a school or research center have your best interest at heart. Please use common sense. All, I do mean all, of the scientists receive compensation in one form or another. All scientists have a preconceived notion regarding the outcome of their research. The point is that CO2 is required for all plant life, and the amount is inconsequential, and it has been fluctuating over time. And just for arguments sake, why is CO2 a problem in the atmosphere, and Argon is not, when there is 26 times more Argon in the atmosphere, than CO2?

An Inconvenient Truth

I know. It's been 5 years since Al Gore made this move that is chocked full of scientific untruths. American children are still being indoctrinated with this movie in American classrooms. It's important that scientists and the media people keep bringing up all of the falsehoods that this man has indicated. One important fact here is that you can't find much contradictory information if you do a Google search, but it must be nice to know that you control what people can find, and what they can't find on the internet these days. The scary thing is that our children believe all of what they see and hear. There are numerous articles regarding the statements made in this movie ( click here for one ), not to mention the rebuttal movie ( The Great Global Warming Swindle ).

The point of this section is that Al Gore is a politician who has made, and continues to make, vast sums of money propagating the global warming hysteria. The facts that he stated are not facts. The studies that he professed are flawed, and in some cases not at all valid as stated by a vast majority of scientists. He obviously believes in what he says, but the scientific proof clearly disproves some of his assertions. Once again, I would like the media to maintain the scientific factual data without presenting forecasts of gloom and doom based on false information. Just because someone says that we are doomed, does not make it so.

Oceans Effects On Global Warming

Isn't it amazing that with all of the discussion on global warming, no one talks about the effect that our oceans play in regards to the temperature of our planet. It's time for another quick science lesson. Over 3/4ths of our magnificent planet's surface is covered by water. Well over 100 times more methane, and carbon dioxide, not to mention various other gases, that are injected into our atmosphere, comes from our oceans, than comes from all land sources. This is due to tectonic plate activity, as well as hundreds of active volcanoes that reside in our oceans. There are many other factors as well, but if we just concentrate on those two alone, it should be relatively easy to draw the logical conclusion, that the natural events of our planet are considerably more profound than anything that man has ever done. Here are just a couple of links that you can check out:

Global Warming Not Caused By CO2
Ice Age Now

There are "scientists" that say that global warming is effecting our oceans, instead of our oceans effecting global warming. I submit that they have never been scuba diving. Let them take one trip down 120 feet or so (watch your time and don't forget to decompress). They will find that the surface temperature of our oceans, has little to do with the overall temperature. Most people agree that the oceans are harder to investigate than space itself. The fact is that our oceans are so massive, so complex, so immense, that we humans know less about it, than we do the heavens above. What I am certain about, in my opinion, as well as the opinion of countless scientists, is that this wonderful planet is a living, breathing, entity, that has always been changing, and will continue to always change. The existence of human beings has not changed that, nor should we attempt to change it. Remember, "Don't fool with mother nature".

Scientific Fact Versus Scientific Theory

Most of us know that Sir Isaac Newton determined that the earth has a gravitational pull because an apple fell on his head. This led to many years of science investigation that definitively proved beyond any reasonable doubt, that gravity does in fact exist and 14.7 pounds per square inch is the amount of pull that every object receives when positioned at sea level, on the surface of the earth.

The Earth's magnetic field was utilized by the Chinese centuries ago, and is still being evaluated today ( Earth's Magnetic Field ). The subsequent studies that occurred over several centuries, and is still being studied, revealed evidence of fluctuations and changes in the magnetic field, as well as numerous additional scientific insight in magnetic functionality and utilization.

The point again is that scientific fact that we know today, is based on years, decades, or even centuries of studies. They do not include forecast, conjecture, or definitive future speculation. When it comes to science, there is no speculation. There are only interpretations based on the facts that have been studied through intensive research. It is OK to forecast which team will win in a sports event. It is OK to forecast what the weather will be like tomorrow, or even next week (and you all know they are wrong some of the time). It is not OK to forecast what the temperature of the earth will be like in 20 or 50 years, because there simply is not enough accurate data to determine that. It is more than not OK to tell people that either man has anything to do with the cause of our global temperature, or that we can fix it. It is both unscientific and immoral. To visit countless articles by numerous scientists, or to research the actual facts regarding global warming, I urge you to go to ( The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition ) and see what real scientists are saying about global warming.

The overall points are:

If NASA were to do their computations based on what global warmers projections are, not only would we have not landed a man on the moon, every single astronaut from the Apollo program would still be in outer space. I know that there are a lot of people that believe we never did land on the moon anyway.

Our children, and adults, are being manipulated by greedy people instead of facts - every day.

People think that the polar icecaps are constantly melting, when, in fact, they melt and reform every year.

People think that the polar bear population is dwindling, when, in fact, they are increasing.

People think Darwin's Theory is fact. No one disagrees that it's an interesting theory, but it is a theory, and because of our society's perception, it is considered a fact. In fact, it's not a fact.

People who claim that they can reduce/control CO2 presence in our atmosphere, always follow up with the fact that we (mankind) have to pay for it, usually with them getting a piece of what we are paying for.

If your looking for truth instead of fact, the truth is that we are far more likely to destroy the surface of our great planet by nuclear holocaust, economic meltdown, do-gooder injections of additional toxic substances into our atmosphere to compensate for CO2 levels, or governmental regulation of everything that we do, than by any temperature variances that occur naturally on this planet.

There are extreme environmentalists, and conservationists, just as there are arsonists, and irresponsible polluters that pillage our planet. It is when the politicians, and greedy entrepreneurs utilize scare tactics to legitimize a cause to line their pockets and make all of us average individuals pay large sums of money for a fabricated crisis. The medias complicity in these types of scams add to the credibility of these unscrupulous techniques and must be continually refuted by responsible and accurate journalism on a continuing basis. So I am asking once again for responsible media organizations to not only mention, but maintain a continuing counter offensive against the onslaught of continuous false assertions made by those individuals and organizations that flood the airways with forecasts of doom.

By the way, green used to be my favorite color. Now I can't stand the way it is being used in both the financial dealings of our government (America), and the way it is being tossed around in connection with our environment. I haven't picked a new favorite color, because some wacko may come up with some scheme to make money or scare our citizens using another color.

As always, I thank you for visiting my web site.

Robert J Taggart, Sr.